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So Primavera 2016 will be headlined by Radiohead. And Sigur Ros will be there as well.
It's killing me. Sigur Ros had already previously announced some dates in Europe, and there were rumors that Radiohead would release a new album this year but TODAY IT WAS CONFIRMED THAT RADIOHEAD WILL BE TOURING THIS YEAR.

And in this one festival, Radiohead and Sigur Ros together.
My two favorite groups EVER. Not just group. I mean my favorite musicians.
I can't speak.

Neither band has announced any tour dates in Asia. :(
But they've both been here before, so -- maybe? If not this year, then sometime next year?
Hopefully together? in one venue? But that might really literally do me in. Heart failure. Jonsi and Thom Yorke. I will implode. My heart.
I just want them to come to Asia, and I will go to wherever they are.


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Jan. 20th, 2016 07:55 am
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Why oh why did sigur rós have to open pre-selling NOW.

Woke up this morning and the ( ) re-issue limited edition was already sold out (even if pre-selling only opened a few hours earlier, I think). Luckily, I was kind of on the fence about that, as I already have the first press vinyl of ( ).

I don't have a physical copy of Takk - But 50 USD? NOW? After the Arashi release frenzy? .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

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 As part of my healthy smoothie happy kick, here's what I made this morning:

fresh blueberry banana vanilla yogurt smoothie. I was feeling light-headed, and just one sip perked me right up :)

I've also been drinking quite a lot of this:

avocado-banana smoothie (with soy milk vanilla and agave.) I also tried an avocado-banana vanilla yogurt and honey combination. sooo good. :)

Oh and <3 :

Screen shot from my copy of Heima. :)

My song of the day, thought, is from Jonsi's solo-effort Go. Animal Arithmetic:

Wake up, comb my hair
Making food disappear
Riding bikes, making out
Elephants run you down

You and I run away, blushing cheeks
Howling wolves, colourful fireworks

Every time, everyone, everything's full of life
Everyday, everywhere, people are so alive


Have a nice day, everyone! :)


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