Feb. 24th, 2017 09:52 pm
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I got the formal offer. I'm moving to Vietnam. I jumped for joy when I saw the offer in my inbox... now I can rest.

Now... Bek.
We've been able to maintain this correspondence for four years. It's amazing. I always think of writing him when something big or small happens. He's such an important friend to me, and some of the the best memories I have of Uzbekistan (small, simple moments like walking for a few blocks in the snow to buy some snacks in the corner store; going out to have a breath of fresh air after lunch; getting stuck in the office for another overtime and still enjoying the company) are with him.
I regret not saying a proper goodbye, but I suck like that. I never know how to say goodbye. I always lie and say I'm going to be back.
But then, maybe (hopefully) I've grown up a little now?
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Hokkaido is <3, probably my favorite place in Japan.


I'm still feeling a confused sort of happiness (and fear) about Vietnam.
It will be a big adjustment mainly because I'm such a shy person and it will be my first time living on my own in a foreign country for more than a few months at a time.
Still, I am very very thankful -- the job is a dream come true for me (and my parents). 
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Working Saturday.

This was taken earlier today in my apartment in Hanoi. :)

Life here has been busy, fattening, hot (literally, sweltering hot) and good so far. :)
For some reason, I'm less lonely right now than I was while I was in Lao. I think I will be able to handle this trip better. I hope to meet another good friend like Galit.

I have a paper to finish. Be back later (or tomorrow).


(Go Do!!!!)



Here's a picture of my Baby Bear that my mom took in Manila last weekend. Isn't he such an adorable little baby?


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