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Had to leave early this morning for a business trip and when I got back online, saw that David Bowie passed away. I was shocked because I'd just been reading reviews of the (apparently brilliant) album he has JUST RELEASED. I was never a hardcore David Bowie fan but I know his passing is a big loss to the music world.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Bowie.


Next, well the Myanmar project is still extremely challenging. Looking forward to April.

Need to catch up on work for VIE. My mentor's project, so I want the output to be the best I can give. There have been delays, and I want to make up for it with an amazing output. I must work on it tonight after all meetings for the day are done.


My days off (I took a full day off yesterday!!!! - although I was worried about work) have more variation now.... Like yesterday, I finished the newest Robert Galbraith (pen-name of JK Rowling) novel and played a little one my 3DS - so no binging on TV shows, which used to be just about the only thing I did on days off. I have to say that it was the least enjoyable of the Cormoran Strike series (the first two novels really had laugh out loud moments), this one.. not so much. Also, it was much gorier than the first two. One of the things I found quite novel about this crime fiction series is that the descriptions of the crimes were not so... morbid. But it was still an enjoyable read. Could hardly put it down. I'm tempted to write more but want to avoid spoilers for anyone anyone who might be reading this and might be interested in picking up the book. :))

Now moving on to...

Now back to work. 
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